Interview Preparation

How to Ace an Interview with 'Insider Information' - Wouldn't it be nice to know what questions they'll ask ahead of time, so you have answers that you know will knock your interviewer's socks off? You pretty much can. To ace an interview, you just need a little insider information.

How to Prepare For An Interview: A Night Before Must - It doesn't matter what company or career you are pursuing, in order to achieve top performance levels, the night before, every job seeker must do one thing to prepare for an interview.

How To Prepare For A Job Interview - In 24 Hours or Less! - So like many of us, you've put off your interview preparation until the last minute. Now you need to focus your time on those areas with the biggest pay off. Here’s what we recommend.

The Last-Minute Final Review Before Your Interview - What can you do in the final hours before your interview to get an edge? Here are some last minute interview preparation tips.

Interview Preparation for the Stress Interview - Don’t get psyched out in your next interview. Understand what stress questions look like and how to remain in control with the right mental preparation.

Why A Phone Interview - Were you asked to have a phone interview and worried you aren’t being taken seriously? Here are the 5 legitimate reasons you would have your next interview on the phone.

What is a Behavioral Interview and How Do You Prepare? - Be ready for those tough behavioral questions. Learn what's needed for effective answers and how to prepare them.

Preparing for a Virtual Job Interview - - Technology is now a staple in the hiring and recruiting process. It isn’t unusual for a company to invite you for a virtual interview. Here are ways to prepare for it.

Getting the Best Recommendation for Your Next Interview - After an interview, you need to provide references. If you want to have the best recommendation for your next job, here are some helpful tips.

How To Prepare Persuasive Job Interview Answers- There is a science to persuasion. Academic researchers have studied the subjet in detail. They know what can cause prople to buy-in to your ideas, and they know what causes people to lose interest. Using their research, you can prepare more persuasive answers for your next job interview.

How To Prep for a Job Interview, using Stage Acting Tips - Theater is both very similar and very different to job interviewing. Learn how you can apply stage acting techniques to improve your interview prep.

What to Eat Before Your Job Interview and What Foods to Avoid- Avoid excess sweating, smelling, nervousness and brain freezes. Make sure that you eat the right foods before your interview.

Preparing for a Job Interview from Start to Finish - Preparing for a job interview the right way is critical. It separates a nice conversation and a new job offer. If you are preparing for an interview, pay attention to these 5 factors.

Inside the Interview Approach Called STAR: Here's What You Need to Know - Got a STAR interview coming up? By the time you’re done with this you’ll understand what the interview approach called STAR actually is and why interviewers use it.

The Second Interview (AKA The Second Round Interview) - Made it to the second interview? You are now a serious candidate. But so is your competition. Here's what you need to know to stand out and be ready. 

Grab Your Interviewer's Attention with Outsider Information - With the right information, you can grab your interviewers attention. They will forget about their smart phones and start taking notes on your words. 

5 Bits of Job Search Advice from the 80's Movies John Hughes - You know those movies quotes that you can say word for word? Turns out, there's actually job search advice hidden in there. 

When to Check in with your References: 4 Reasons to Reach Out to References Before your Next Job Interview - References. your advocates on the job search. No, you don't have to reach out to your references before your next interview, but it might be to you advantage.

Preparing for Interviews by Industry

Preparing for a Job Interview in the Entertainment Industry Working in the entertainment industry can be fun and exciting... and will require something extra special if you’re going to succeed in the job interview.

Interviewing for a Job in the Hotel Industry - There are many job positions to be filled in hotels. Here are some things to keep in mind when you interview for a job at a hotel.

Interview Preparation for a Fundraiser at a Nonprofit Organization - Nonprofit fundraising can be a rewarding career, once you land the job. Discover the ins-and-outs of interviewing in this field.

Interview Preparation for a Marketing Career - The marketing field has experienced immense changes in recent years as advertising has moved from traditional media to the online channels. You will need to adjust your presentation as a result.

Interview Preparation in the Mobile Products and Services Industry - The mobile products industry has grown rapidly and with that growth comes jobs. Learn how to prepare for these interviews and avoid 'red flag' companies.

Interview Preparation for a Technical Role - Interviewing for a technical role doesn't focus on determining your skills and background.

Interview Preparation for a Logistics Career - I have found the difficulty level of logistics interviews depends on not only the type of logistics’ company, but also the type of person.

Interview Preparation for a Manufacturing Career - The manufacturing industry is one of the most misunderstood employment sectors by the U.S. public. I am sure the average American most likely believes that the U.S. manufacturing industry is shrinking and the job opportuinities are few and far between.

Interview Preparation for a Defense Industry Career - On the most basic level, corporate culture today is fairly homogenized due to the widespread application of human resource management and quality management systems that delineate mission statements and core value declarations.

Interview Questions and Preparation Tips for a Job Public Utilities - This traditional industry is seeing new job openings for those who can commit to it for the long term. Discover how to prepare and ensure your values line up.

Interview Advice

How to Face Interview Questions - What pieces come together to create strong interview answers? What are those common, accidental interview mistakes that trip people up? Learn how to use these tricks and avoid these pitfalls.

What to Say in an Interview - A select group know it. The rest of us are captivated by their secrets. They know how to sway their listeners, persuade the undecided and win over the opposition. They know how to use it in a conference room. They know what to say in an interview.

How to Overcome Interview Nerves - Don't let nervousness stop you from landing the job you want. Follow the advice included here to harness that extra energy to improve your interview performance.

Behavioral Interviewing – When to Expect it - Not sure what kind of interview you’re going to encounter? Here’s some advice on when you’re likely to experience behavioral interviewing and what actions you can take to be ready.

The Panel Interview - You’re in the hot seat, surrounded by interviewers asking you questions. Believe it or not, that’s actually good news for you. Understand the panel interview and how you can manage it to perform your best.

Group Interviews—What Do I Do? - In a group setting, there is a bigger challenge in getting interviewers to notice you. Learn more about group interviews and how you can succeed.

The Lunch or Dinner Interview - Every interview format has its own intricacies. The meal-time interview is no exception. Learn the ropes and the best and worst menu items to pick.

Strategies Interviewers Use that You Need to Know - You are done with the necessary steps. All that is left is to ace the interview. Here are strategies that interviewers use - strategies you need to know about.

What Recruiters Write on Resumes During a Job Interview - Ever wonder about those tiny notes an interviewer writes on your resume. Here's a list of some of these phrases. Learn what to avoid and what to embrace.

Inappropriate Things to Say or Do in an Interview- Don't waste your opportunity during the interview. Avoid hurting your chances by knowing what not to say and do.

Do I Need to Send Job Interview Thank-You Letters? - Confused about whether you need to send a thank-you letter or not? Find out how it benefits you and what it can do for your candidacy.

How to Interview Well by Understanding the Interviewer - Make the right points at your next interview by understanding what the interview truly cares about.

Interview Advice From the Movies of John Hughes - “Bueller… Bueller…” Across the 1980's and 1990's screenwriter John Hughes had a hand in nearly every often-quoted movie. I decided to seek out some interview advice from these classics.

Interview Tips

6 Easy Tips For A Job Interview - Sometimes the little things make all the difference. If you want to perform better in your next job interview, here are 6 easy tips that can make you more successful.

Interview Thank You Note Tips - Paper or electronic. Group or individual. Long or short. Formal or friendly. Get the interview thank you note tips that can help you to answer these questions.

The Basic Principles Of How To Do Well In An Interview - To interview well depends on not only how you act in the interview room, but also on how you prepare. Stick to these basic principles for smarter preparation and superior interview performance.

Interview Advice and Tips - Interview experts will offer a ton of advice in 8 key areas. Here’s a summary of that interview advice, boiled down into 8 simple tips.

7 Techniques For How To Answer Job Interview Questions That Stump You - You have no idea how to answer that question. You feel like you can hardly breathe let alone think. Get back in the driver’s seat by using these 7 techniques that can help you take on stumper job interview questions.

Interview Tips For Recent College Graduates - You just went from the top of the heap in student life to the bottom rung of the corporate ladder. You’ll need to make a few changes to be successful in the new environment. Here are some interview tips for the first time job seeker.

What You Don't Say - Says a Lot - We often neglect to consider body language and how non-verbal communication plays a role in an interview.Here's a set of non-verbal actions you need to improve upon during the interview.

14 Tips to Help You Ace Your Next Interview - You got yourself past the first phase. Don't waste your opportunity-learn how you can ace the interview.

8 Buzzwords that Won't Get You an Interview - In writing a resume, you want to stand out. However, these buzzwords will do just the opposite. Learn how you can avoid having your resume getting passed over.

Tips for a Successful Phone Interview - You have a scheduled call from the interviewer-here are tips on how you can prepare and be successful for the interview.

Making the Right Impression - In an interview, you want to make an impression. Good or bad it is what an interviewer remembers about you. Learn how you can leave the right impression.

Successful Communication Behaviors in an Interview - Studying how communication skills affect the interview process is essential. Learn which areas you should improve on.

Great Ways to Ruin Your Job Interview - If you have an upcoming interview, here are things that can ruin it. Avoid these at all costs.

7 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills - Communication in an interview is important. Effective communication is vital to success in an interview. Here are tips to improve your communication skills.

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Writing a Thank-You E-mail - The interview is done, you did a good job, and you're on your way home. What's next? Write a thank-you letter.

7 Tips to Stand Out in a Phone Interview - You received a call for a scheduled phone interview. What do you do now? Here are some tips to help you.

Reasons Why You Aren’t Hearing Back after a Great Interview - After an interview, you feel good and they said they would be in touch soon, but after a few weeks, still no call. Why?

Nine Things to Look Out For in an Interview - By being alert to everything that happens during a job interview, you can get an idea about your standing.

Tips for Different Types of Job Interviews - Learn the key differences between a phone screen, a live screen, a virtual interview, a panel interview, a group interview and more. Follow these steps to perform better in each.

Tips for Communicating with Male and Female Interviewers - There still are common differences in the communication style of men and women. Discover those differences and how to communicate better with both.

The Danger of Passing Along Your Resume - I know it seems so easy – Just ask got friends and neighbors to pass along your resume and it will all work out. Not so fast. This strategy can backfire on you.

How To Ace The Phone Interview - If you want to know how to ace the phone interview, you'll want to follow these tips. 

The Skype Interview - If you are expecting a Skype interview, this article will walk you through everything from creating an account to how to improve your on screen presence. 

3 Common Inteview Mistakes And How Can You Avoid Them - You've put all that work into preparing for this interview. Don't lose out on a job by getting caught on common interview mistakes. We'll cover three of them here. 


Interview Questions and Answers

5 of the Most Common Questions Asked In An Interview - So the words may be slightly different, but some interview questions come up over and over again. Here are 5 of the most commonly asked questions and the interviewer’s goals for each one.

How To Answer Behavioral Interview Questions - What is a behavioral interview question? And how do you answer it effectively? This article will walk you through the basics. Read more…

Typical Interview Questions And Answers Designed To Trip You Up - Sometimes interviewers will throw you curve balls. Here are some of the most typical questions, and the kind of answers that can keep you out of trouble.

Basic Interview Questions and Answers: Your Guide for Resume Questions - Many interviewers will turn to your resume to understand who you are. Learn the 4 basic types of resume interview questions, and get tips on how to respond to each one.

Most Asked Interview Questions To Test Your Interest - One of the 3 tests a job seeker must pass is demonstrating that they are passionate about the job. Here are a couple of the most asked questions designed to test your interest.

Behavioral Interview Questions: The List - Not sure what behavioral interview questions you could be asked? Here are 25 of the possible questions you could encounter in your next interview included in one simple list.

Tough Interview Questions And Answers - Don’t be caught off guard by the tricky interviewer. Get tips, and review sample answers to these tough interview questions.

Job Interview Questions And Answers Designed To Test Your Ambition - Are you a clock puncher or an organization builder? Learn about the job interview questions that ask if ‘you’re going places.’

Interview Questions And Answers That Decide Your Fate - Some answers are short, but what you say can determine if you are hired. Learn these critical interview questions and how craft the answers.

Tell me about yourself - A single 4-word sentence has defeated many job seekers in the first two minutes of their interview. Get step-by-step guidance on how to create effective answers to Tell Me About Yourself.

Interview Questions You Must Answer, And Will Never Be Asked -Will you work hard? Are you trustworthy? For some interview questions the right answer is so obvious that an interview would never ask them directly. Here’s what the interviewer really wants to know.

Best Answers For Job Interview Questions: Authenticity Counts - Should you give the answers the interviewer wants to hear or respond in the way that describes you most honestly? Here’s where to draw the line to produce the best answers for job interview questions.

Best Answers To Interview Questions - Ever heard the expression, there are a million ways that something can go wrong, but just one way that it can go right? The best answers to interview questions look the same whether you're applying for the director of finance or a school nurse.

Answers to Interview Question: Why should we hire you? - The answers have been rolling off your tongue and the interview has been flying by. Then, with less than ten minutes to go you get hit with this question. We’ll give you insight into how to develop answers to Why should we hire you.

Job Interview Questions List - There are potentially thousands of different job interview questions, though many questions are just the same question asked in a different way. See 40 of the interview questions you may encounter from 6 different categories.

Job Interview Questions and Answers: How Should Fresh Graduates Practice? - Fresh out of school. Onwards to your first interview. Arm yourself with the right knowledge. See how these tips help you get the job.

How to Create More Powerful Answers to Interview Questions for a Job - You can create more powerful answers to interview questions for a job of your dreams, using this one technique. 

Questions and Answers in an Interview to Access Leadership - If you are interviewing for a management level job, you are likely to be asked specific job interview questions that assess your leadership.


Job Search Tips

Old but Effective Job Search Techniques - The internet changed job searching in the last few years, but don't overlook the effectiveness of these old, classic techniques.

Why a Job Search Is a Lot Like Dating - Job searching and dating have a lot in common. Dating can teach us lessons about what we can do to do better on our job search.

Tips on Finding a Job You Will Love - Do you hate your job right now? Here are tips on how to find a job that you will love.

Getting Back on Track after a Layoff - A layoff is bad news for anyone. Learn how you can get back on track and jump-start your job search.

Job Search Tips for Those with a Criminal Record - Finding a job with a criminal record is hard. Use these job search tips that are perfect for people with a criminal record.

Online Venues You Can Use to Get the Attention of Recruiters - You have been doing your job search for a while now, but you are still not getting any interviews. Here are some websites you can use to get noticed by recruiters.

16 Tips for a Better Job Search – Part 1Finding a new job after a layoff or resigning is tough. If you want to find a job soon here are tips for a better and easier search.

16 Tips for a Better Job Search – Part 2 - Looking for a job is a long process if not done right. If you want to shorten your job search, here are some tips to help you.

Concepts to Help You Cope with Job Search Rejection - Every job seeker will experience rejection. It is easy to become demoralized with these experiences. Here are ways to help you cope.

7 Ways an E-mail Can Hurt Your Job Search - E-mails are great tools for communication in job search. However, they can also hurt your chances in getting hired.Learn how.

Communicating Effectively During Your Job Search - Communication is an important part of an interview. It is critical to get your message across. Here are some tips to help you become a more effective communicator.

The 7 Signs of a Bad Company When You’re Looking for a Job  - Not every job opportunity is good. Learn how you can avoid working for bad companies.

Six Things That Keep You from Succeeding - Your state of mind is a powerful thing; it moves you toward either success or failure. Learn how your mind might be keeping you from success.

Doing Research on a Potential Boss - Before accepting a job offer, it’s wise to do some research on the boss so that you’ll know your next boss will be a good one.

Getting the Most out of Job and Career Fairs - Some malign them as "cattle calls"; others tout them as valuable networking opportunities. Most of us know them as job fairs or career fairs, and depending on the circumstances and your attitude, they can either be an avenue to a new career or a colossal waste of time.

Your Basic Guide to Resume Writing - Create the right resume to get an employer’s attention. Know what to put and how to write your resume.

Job Search Burnout - I want to talk about something that can kill your chances in your next job interview and stretch your job search. I’m talking about job search burn out.

Job Search Personal Branding: How to Rebrand Oneself on the Job Search -  This past week, I've had a few experiences that have reminded me about personal branding, and how you can rebrand yourself on the job search.

What is the Most Powerful Job Search Tool? - What is the most powerful job search tool? Is it the resume, the handshake, the elevator pitch, the recuiter? Nope, it's the telephone.


Job Interview Questions

That is the Question at an Interview - To have solid answers for each question at an interview, you need to learn how to navigate the various twists and turns. Here's some age-old wisdom to help. 

Taking On The Salary Question For Your Next Job Interview - One of the hardest interview questions for any job seeker is the salary question: "What are your salary expectactions?" It doesn't have to be a lose-lose.

The "Are You a Team Player?" Interview Question - The "Are You A Team Player?" interview questions comes up so often that it has become a cliché. Yet interviewers still ask because your answer makes a difference.

Phone Interview Questions - Although phone interview questions are not always different from those of a typical sit-down interview there can be some key differences. 

Answers to the (unspoken) Job Interview Question: You're Overqualified -  It's pretty simple to create interview answers that are persuasive. You just have to know the secret.

Demonstrate your Real Tranferrable Skills for your Career Switch - One challenge of a career switch is the mismatch between your past and the job requirements. Your tranferrable skills are greater than you might think. 

Why did you Choose this Field? - Why did you choose this field? This interview question comes in many forms. And the answer may be your only chance to address the "Why" question. 


Job Interview Tips

How to Apply for Jobs the Right Way and do Better than the Job Search Lottery - Today, many job seekers waste hours, applying to the wrong jobs using the wrong tactics. Here's how to apply for jobs the right way.

The Right Interview Mindset - If you want to get hired, you have to walk into the interview with a different mindset.

Interviewing for a Leadership Position? Develop your Strategy - If you are interviwing for a leadership position, here a technique that will help you develop a strategy and be more persuasive.

The Interviewer Hardly Asked me Any Questions, and the Whole Interview Lasted Just 20 Minutes - What does it mean when the interviewer hardly asked any questions and after 20 minutes, the interview abruptly ended?

How LinkedIn can Strenghen your Job Search and Interviews - I'd like to share with you my favorite techniques for using LinkedIn, a tool I have personally seen help job seekers land jobs.

How to Make Your Interview Answers Memorable - You can have compelling and memorable answers to interview questions if you know why Spartacus, Caesar, and Goliath remain commong knowledge.

How to Interview Well - Is a job interview an art or a science? Either way, how to interview well, depends on a few keys steps.

How to Build Confidence for your Next Job Interview - One hour can decide where you can work for the next five years or more. Here's how to build confidence for your next job interview.

How to Create Persuasive Job Interview Answers - It's pretty simple to create interview answers that are persuasive. You just have to know the secret.

6 Job Interview Etiquette Tips - Like dining room table etiquette, there is a unique job interview etiquette. It's an unwrittern code you are expected to follow. 

Aced Interview but no Offer? Here's how to make the most of an Unsuccessful Interview -  Do you feel like you aced the interview, but you still didn't get the offer? Here's what to do now.