How to Recover from Burnout and Job-related Stress

How to Recover from Burnout and Job related StressStarting on a new career journey can be pretty exciting. You come to work each day filled with motivation, passion and excitement to do your best and be your best so you can make a difference and make an impact on your company. It’s like this for a while until work stress and burnout starts creeping in. Now you find yourself dreading Mondays and wishing it’s already the weekend. You procrastinate, feeling lazy unlike before. You feel a lot more exhausted and have been calling in sick more frequently than ever.

4 Healthy Habits to Develop When You’re Working from Home

4 Healthy Habits to Develop When Youre Working from HomeWorking from home may seem like the ideal setup and why not? It gives you the liberty to work according to your own schedule, spare yourself from the stress of commuting to and from work each day and enjoy more personal time and time with your family and loved ones. While working from home is beneficial in a plethora of ways, it can also be just as stressful as a traditional work setup.

Oct, 2020

3 Tips for Answering the “Tell Me About Yourself” Question in a Job Interview

3 Tips for Answering the Tell Me About Yourself Question in a Job InterviewIf you’ve been through a couple of job interviews in the past, one of the questions you probably have been asked almost every single time is “tell me about yourself”. Of course, hiring managers would like to get a good grasp of your background, skills and even personality in summary to help them determine whether or not you’re a good fit not only for the role but for the existing culture of the company. And while this question seems like an easy one to respond to, it’s actually a bit tricky as a lot of candidates fail to answer this one correctly.

What to Do if You Hate Your Job

What to Do if You Hate your JobA lot of us hate something about our jobs. Like everything else in life, nothing in this world is ever perfect. So whether it’s your boss, your colleague, your pay rate or a part of your task, there’s always something that puts a speck in that picture of a dream job you’ve always wanted. And this is all normal. But what if it’s really what you do that makes you unhappy? Well, that could be an entirely different story. Your job may have its flaws here and there you know you can tell if you’re still happy with what you do. But once you find yourself already considering quitting and trying a new career someplace else, it’s an indication that yes, you do hate your job.

3 Helpful Ways to Survive the Monotony of Working from Home

3 Helpful Ways to Survive the Monotony of Working from HomeJust like most of the remote employees out there, you probably have fallen in love with the idea of working and getting an equally significant amount of salary without having to commute to and from work, enjoying more personal time as well as flexible schedule and getting things done in the comfort of your home. Indeed, working from home is lucrative for several different reasons. But while this set may make you feel like you have more control over your time than ever, you might also find yourself experiencing boredom out of the monotony of your daily routine.

4 Things To Do to Recover from a Job Interview Blunder

4 Things To Do to Recover from a Bad Job InterviewWas there ever a time you stepped out of an interview room feeling so sure you messed up your interview and know you’re about to say goodbye to that job post? Or going back to the moments you didn’t answer the questions well that you want to nag at you? You are not alone!

4 Must-Have Skills to be Promoted as a Remote Employee

4 Skills You Need to be Promoted as a Remote EmployeeGetting promoted is, no doubt, one of the things most employees aspire for. Because after all, who doesn’t want career growth and a boost on one’s income? But how about when you’re working remotely? Working from home is certainly awesome. Imagine not having to spend a lot of time fixing and commuting to and from work, enjoying more time for yourself and your family and getting things done while sipping on unlimited coffee the whole day. It’s a dream come true! But sadly, it also entails some downsides, too.

What Work-life Balance Means and Why It Matters

What Work life Balance MeansWe hear a lot about work-life balance and the lack of it is often associated with work-related stress. Indeed, doing way too much work without allowing ample time for personal stuff can cause work burnout. It can also be detrimental to your mental and emotional health.

How to Improve Team Collaboration When Working from Home

How to Improve Team Collaboration When Working from HomeRemote work has been gaining popularity over the recent years and while it seemed like a unique privilege to a lesser group of employees, it’s now gradually shifting into becoming the norm. The work from home set up may offer an extensive range of benefits. However, embracing this new work setup isn’t easy for everyone. It still entails quite a few challenges especially when it comes to operational efficiencies and collaboration.

How to Develop a Good Work Ethic

How to Develop a Good Work EthicEver wondered how some employees seem to have a magic wand handy and just get things done without a fuss? For one, they don’t have procrastination in their vocabulary. Productivity and efficiency is their game. In short, they have reliable work ethics. But what does work ethic mean?