Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Interview Success Formula for?

This program is designed for job seekers in the following four situations:

  • Have an important interview coming up and want an edge
  • Been a while since the last interview and are feeling rusty
  • Have been getting interviews but aren’t getting any job offers
  • Feel like their job history is less than perfect and want to overcome it

Our clients have been: sales and marketing professionals, CPAs, nurses, IT Field technicians, teachers, applied science and academic researchers, health care administrators, electricians, graphic designers, business analysts, administrative assistants, mental health counselors and non-profit managers, to name just a few. We’ve probably helped somebody like you already.

How will this program help with my interviewing?
How do I access the Interview Success Formula? Is it online or do I get something in the mail?
What if I don't like Interview Success Formula™ or find it useful. Do you offer a guarantee?
How is the program different from what I can find on the web for free?
I am based overseas. How relevant is the program to me?
What type of computer system or software will I need to use the program?
How much time do I really need to use this?
How should I use the program, given my time constraints?
When is the right time to buy this program?
What happens if I need help with the Interview Success Formula or with my interview preparation?
When will I receive my free bonuses?