Typical Interview Questions and Answers Designed to Trip You Up

Frequently Asked Interview Questions and AnswersInterviewing is said to be an art rather than a science, but sometimes it seems like the person on the other side of the table is throwing you questions just to trip you up. There is a whole approach to interviewing known as stress interviews. These interviews may be given in jobs that are high-pressure and stressful to see how you perform, or by interviewers who are enjoying the power that comes with the interviewer's chair. Either way, if you find yourself sitting across from a hostile interviewer, they may just be testing you out. Below are typical interview questions and answers designed to test you.

If you could be any animal in the world, what would you want to be, and why?
Don't let this question throw you off. Smile. Pick something relatively benign, and then provide a simple reason. For emample: "Well, I've always loved dolphins. They just seem to really enjoy life and are very smart too."

If I check your references, what do you think they will say about you?
Don't let this question trip you up. Think about the positive comments you received from your references. If it was a previous boss, think about any reviews you may have had. Then, instead of repeating all the comments you received, provide a short and simple summary, something like: "Based on the feedback that I received in my previous jobs, they would probably say that I work hard, deliver superior results, and am great to have as a member of their team."

How are you able to interview while still employed?
"I took a bit of my vacation time to be here." You don't want to suggest that you took advantage of sick days or something else along those lines.

Do you mind if I check your references?
"You are more than welcome to." Either they really like you or they want to push you to see whether you're giving honest answers. Either way, show that you have nothing to hide with a clear and simple answer.

Describe something you did, that looking back on it, seemed a bit reckless/that wasn't completely thought through.
Use innocuous examples from your personal life. As an example answer: "In college, I decided to adopt a cat with my girlfriend at the time. Entering into the workforce, I traveled often for work, and caring for a pet became tricky."

What's the worst thing you heard about our company?"I heard that you could be pretty tough interviewers." Feel free to smile.

How do you feel about my performance as an interviewer?"Overall, I've enjoyed our conversation, though I would say that you aren't afraid to test me with a tough interview question like this one."

Do you have any pet peeves? Describe a couple of things that bother you.What annoyed you/angered you in your previous jobs?A terrible question, one just designed to be tricky. Use it to demonstrate that you have a good work ethic. "I'm someone who is committed to my work, so it bothers me when a co-worker is there just to punch the clock or when a co-worker chooses to play hooky near the deadline of a project."

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